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The Purpose Of Law Law is an essential tool for every living individual. We cannot deny the fact that people cannot be civilized unless law binds them. people entrusted the priests and other people to guide their behavior. This is not the case in the modern world. It is the pride of any nation to claim that they are guided by the rule of law. Law is universal in many countries. Everyone who is a citizen of the nation as under the law despite the fact that they are top leaders. The supremacy of the law requires everyone to be subordinate to it. The law is expected to meet the requirements of its population. It is allowed that people adjust the law to ensure that their needs are catered for because it is never permanent. Law is used as a guide for the people who are bound by it. We can know what we are required to do and what we should not do. Any one who breaks the rule of law is referred to as a criminal. The rule of law dictates the punishment that one should be given when they act against it. The court is commonly used to determine the best punishment that people who break the law should be given. Due to the power that is given to any law that is legally constituted, human beings always wish to act as it requires them. There are two main categories of law. These two types of law are the civil and criminal law. When we want to understand how to relate to the people around us, we can look into the civil law. It gives a guideline on how human beings interact as well as the consequences of hurting your neighbor. The criminal laws expect us to respect the sovereignty of our country. if you break a criminal law, you have sinned against your nation. When we compare the consequences of acting against the civil law and the criminal law, that of the criminal law is so severe than the other one. National law and international law are distinct. The federal law binds the people who live in one country while the international law binds several nations together.
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The availability of the rule of law in any society is important because it makes people live together. The law fight for the right of any individual who is offended by a fellow. People who work for companies are protected by the law whenever they suffer while working When one gets hurt while at work, the rule of law ensures that they are paid for the loss they incur. This enables individuals to respect each other because they are aware that no wrong act will go unpunished.A Simple Plan: Services