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The benefits of diagnostic imaging These diagnostic imaging techniques have made it easy for doctors to identify the cause of diseases and various injuries. These various diagnostic machines have become so useful to doctors and physicians to ensure that various diagnosis are made perfectly and appropriately. Such techniques include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), x-rays and CT scans and are all the best in diagnosis. The medical professionals can now gain access to the patient’s bones and tissues and find problems. The imaging is done using the machines and then the doctor will analyze the images and make diagnosis. The pictures obtained after the imaging are used by the doctors to conclude on various conditions and treatments. The most used technique in today’s diagnosis is x-ray method. The body part to be examined is position between the x-ay equipment and the film itself. Electronic waves will then pass through the body and the film is exposed in such a way that the internal body part will be imaged. The radiation dose should be highly regulated to avoid various dangers to the patient. The dose should be low enough to prevent this dangers and enough to produce images. There are various colors displayed depending on the density of the body part. A less dense region allows radiations to pass through hence the gray or dark colors are shown while the denser regions shows while colors. X-rays can be performed at any angle depending on what the doctor suggests. For patients with one part of the body having injuries can undergo the imaging in that both parts are imaged and compared. The main advantage here is the imaging takes a very short time. CT scans are the best in cases where detailed images of a patient’s body parts are needed. When this technique is combined with x-rays, it will help to show the shape as well as the size and position of the particular body part including the organs and tissues. MRI gives the best images with details and also is capable of cross-sectionals images. When MRI is used in imaging, the patient will not be exposed to radiations. With MRI scans, the doctor can locate any metal clip or objects in the patient’s body. With the techniques, bones and various tissues can be imaged. The cost of the machines might be high but they are worth when it comes to diagnosis. Doctors and physicians will find it complicated to identify internal problems without these machines. It is possible for doctors to quickly locate tumors, objects, and injuries in a patient’s body. Patients will not experience any pain during the imaging and the doctors too will not labor a lot in the process. Expert doctors are well- versed with the techniques and they can use them perfectly.

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