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The Best Treatment for Sweaty Hands Many people suffer from having sweaty hands and it is not unlikely that they have encountered the term “iontophoresis” at one point regarding their condition. It is the treatment used by doctors for sweaty hands or feet, and has become the most popular treatment available. Using iontophoresis to treat sweaty palms or hyperhidrosis is not something new. There are medical records from decades ago that have documented the practice before. But today, iontophoresis is already widely practiced by professional doctors and also as a home cure. The role of a small current of electricity that passes through the pores of your skin is the basic way iontophoresis treatment works. Your overactive sweat glands responds to the minute charge of electricity it receives by slowing down its function and not produce too much sweat. The weak electrical current is conducted to your hand through the water where your hands are submerged.
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The procedure begins by placing your hands in shallow trays of water. Then the iontophoresis machine is connected to these shallow trays of water to deliver the tiny electrical signal. The electricity will flow from the machine to the trays of water once the iontophoresis machine is activated. It takes about twenty minutes for your hands to be submerged under the water for the electrical current to take effect. Before hyperhidrosis can be treated, you need to undergo daily iontophoresis treatment for about a week. Five to ten treatments will cure most cases of hyperhidrosis, but severe cases may take longer.
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But there have been doctors who have tried to avoid iontophoresis for some other remedy. Some simply prescribe antiperspirants to treat sweaty palms, but these have largely been ineffective. People who use antiperspirants need to use them daily and they have to repeat the process every day. One other treatment for severe hyperhidrosis is ETS surgery, but aside from being very expensive, it has major side effects. But iontophoresis treatment has been proven to be very harmless despite the use of an electrical current. Hyperhydrosis sufferers get a longer lasting relief through iontophoresis treatment than with any other remedies. When the patient has been cured of hyperhidrosis and his palms no longer sweat excessively, he only needs to return every three or four weeks for some maintenance treatments. If you are thinking of buying an iontophoresis machine, there are a lot of retailers available and the cost is about USD1,000. But if you want a machine at a very low cost, you can consider putting together an iontophoresis machine; it isn’t that difficult for someone who is experienced in electrical machines.