Capture the Moment, Memorize Memories

Family Photos are something special and will remind memories in decades later. Then you have to prepare the things below so that the image is perfect and successfully recall your sweet old memories.

Define Theme

It is important to determine the theme of family photos, whether the theme of indoor, outdoor, what color of family dress code is? These themes can make your family photos unique. If many people will take pictures together, consult with them, in case you get an exciting idea.


All Family Member Must be Fit While Taking Photo

To get a good photo, all family members must be fit when shooting. Bad mood or unhealthy body condition will make the image is not maximal. So that, make sure to keep the mood and health ahead of shooting.


Choose an Professional Studio or Photographer

If you decide to use studio services or photographers, make sure you choose a professional studio and photographer. Preview the example of the family photos the studio offers. Choose results that match the theme you want. Sometimes paying more will make better results. Having a unique photo together with the whole family members of course be a coveted thing. You want to capture the moment of family warmth in a photo frame? However, of course you also want to create a family photo with a different concept so that the results will be special.


Natural Family Photos Can Also Be Tried

Meanwhile, more and more families love natural family photos or in a relaxed atmosphere. No need to be positioned too formal, so the images look more natural and compact. It’s more trouble creating this kind of photo, but if the result is okay, you will not regret trying it. There are some photography services that provide props. But some are not. Nothing wrong we prepare it first. For example, balloons, colorful windmills, balls, hats, soap bubbles, umbrellas, guitars, dolls. Or if the location in the park, you can bring brightly patterned cloth as a picnic base. There are also people who rent a car, motorcycle or classic bike for shooting. If you invite children of outdoor photos, make sure to bring a drink and a snack. Especially if the location is far away. Bring a change of clothes, especially for shooting in the beach area. Last tip and the essential one is do not forget to give your best smile!