About Us

Welcome to my website!

My name is Mary Young and this is my site about how to improve home. The website is the idea coming across my mind when I’ve just graduated from my university. In the past, I studied about international economics and I also got some jobs related to my faculty. However, I found what I was doing not suitable with my characteristics. That was the reason why I had changed my jobs for several times.

Once I came to my friend’s new house party as her invitation, I was absolutely surprised and impressed by the decoration and the arrangement of every corner in that house. In that evening, I kept asking her about the ideas and experiences for designing the inner house.

After that, I also looked for a course learning about space designing as suggested by my friend and I was really interested in the course. There, I had lots of fun when I learnt about combining color tones and materials in a small and a large room. After the course, I received a certification for the excellent results and I had my first design for my new apartment.

I also took a course about woodworking with my brother. We loved this friendly material so we had all the furniture made of wood. Now we can repair or create new furniture if we want. It is very great to have a woodworking jobsite in my house.

I know that designing and repairing the house is not simple at all. This is hard work and it consists of too many tasks that a lot of people give up while they are carrying it out. Therefore, I want to share with you the simplest tips and tasks to make your house better, for its appearance and inside design.

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