Tips And Tricks For Using Ear – buds Safely

How to use ear – buds safely is not simple. There are a lot of things you need to remember if you want to keep your ears healthy. Many people think that if they buy expensive ear – buds, they will not have to worry about ear pain. In fact, even though you have got the best earbuds under 100 you will suffer from pain if you  not know to use it safely.

Therefore, in this article, we will tell you more tips and notes when using a pair of ear – buds.

Choose The Ear – buds With Suitable Size

According to the 2014 survey statistics of Nielsen, more than 85 percent American people at the age of 18 – 34 use smartphones. This number has been still rising. In particular, the smartphones are often accompanied with ear – buds. Therefore, it is not certain that the ear – buds size will fit the users’ ears.

In some cases, if you wear ear – buds with the wrong size, the sound – proof ablity of the ear – buds will be reduced and there will have more noises in the environment. More dangerously, almost all people tend to increase the volume to sweep all the noises. That is unhealthy for your ears.

Therefore, tips here are:

  • Choose a pair of ear – buds with right size for your ears
  • Test the ear – buds size if you buy a smartphone and change the others with the suitable size if necessary
  • Choose the ear – buds with good sound – proof ability

Let Your Ears Relax

The World Health Organization says that young generations should put a limit to the time for listening to music with ear – buds or other types of headphones. You will have problems related to hearing if you spend more than 60 minutes listening to the sound with the intense 80dB.

You had better let your ears relax. If you use the ear – buds for more than 1 hour in the city or near the factories then it will cause a lot of wounds for your ears and your hearing ability will deteriorate.

Volume Down

It is advisable to adjust the intense of all the devices bellow 85dB. It means that you need to volume down when you want to listen to sound for a long time and even you just listen to it for a short time.

For this reason, a lot of software warns the users to volume down when they volume up and exceed the volume allowed.

Avoid Places With Loud Sound

Even when you are not using ear – buds, your hearing ability can be affected by other sources of loud sound. For example, rock shows bars, train stations, airports and stadiums often generate loud sound.

You had better protect your ears by avoiding such places. When you go out and ride on the noisy roads, you ought to wear a pair of ear pads in order to reduce the noise and protect the ears.

Raise Your Wareness

You should know that if your ears get access to the loud sound too often, they will be weaker at hearing. You should bear this point in mind. Let your ears relax and do not join noisy parties too often.

Wear The Ear – buds Properly

You need to know to wear the ear – buds properly. There are two tips for right and left ears (R and L). You have to pay heed to the R and L letter to wear the ear – buds with right tip.

Moreover, your ears have fixed sizes. If the ear – buds do not fit your ears, please, do not try to put it in your ears as it will cause pain and inconvenience when your listen to the sound.

One more note is that when you connect the ear – buds with MP3 device, iPods, CDs players or smartphones, ensure that the jacks are compatible with the jack of your ear – buds. Also, remember some notes bellow.

  • Reduce the volume on each device to the minimum
  • Make the jack steady
  • Put the ear – buds tips into your ears and adjust the volume on the ear – buds

Bottom Line

Knowing to use the ear – buds properly, you will be able to avoid a lot of pain and diseases related to ears. Wearing headphones, including ear – buds can result in unexpected pain if the users abuse using them too much. Therefore, please, remember the notes above to keep your ears safe all the time.

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