4 Problems And Solutions When Using A Car Vacuum

It is not difficult to take control over the car vacuum but almost all users make mistakes and become confused when solving their problems. With a best car vacuum it seems to have fewer mistakes but in fact, whether you use any kind of vacuuming machines, you still get into trouble if you do not have a deep understanding about the working principles of the machine.

In this article, let us tell you more details about 5 most common problems that a car vacuum user often have. Of course, we will tell you effective solutions.

Let The Machine Stick To The Material

The first misstate the almost all the new users often make is that they let the car vacuum stick to the car materials for long. In other words, they do not keep distance between the machine and the car materials such as the leather of the car seats or the carpets of the car. Of course, this activity has an undesirable impact as bellows.


  • Burn the leather and carpet owing to the heat of the machine
  • Destroy the vacuuming part of the vacuum cleaner
  • Damage the power system of the machine (winding system)


  • To reduce the intense of such consequences, you should remember to:
  • Keep the car vacuum and the car materials at a moderate distance
  • Keep it farther if you set the strongest power mode
  • Cool the car after cleaning
  • Open the car door

Do Not Remove The Dust Bags

The second mistake I should mention here is that a number of car owners forget to remove the dust bags from the car vacuum after cleaning. As you can probably guess, after several times cleaning, the dust bags of the machine will be full. If you do not remove it, there may have some following consequences.


  • The dust vacuumed is spread out
  • The rotate parts of the machine are destroyed
  • Cleaning is no longer effective
  • The dust gets into every part of the machine


With this problem, you need to check the dust bags on a regular basis. It is better to throw the dust bags after cleaning if you do cleaning for the car once a week and if your car is full of dirt and waste. It is extremely necessary to change the dust bags for new cleaning time.

Throw The Machine Indiscriminately

The third trouble is that the users often throw the car vacuum indiscriminately, which has a bad impact on the work performance of the machine as well as its appearance.

You know the designs of a car vacuum are not complex and the materials to protect the machine are mostly plastic. If you do not have a good location for the machine, you will see bad results as bellows.


  • The machine protection shell is broken
  • Inside parts absorb much dirt
  • The machine gets lost
  • It occupies space on the car


For this case, you had better create a fixed corner to store the car vacuum. You can absolutely place the car vacuum in a very small corner and we are certain that it will not take much space in your car. You can even hang it on the car ceiling, in the back seat.

Leave The Machines For Too Long

Leaving the car vacuum for too long also has an unexpected impact on its work performance. You know, not only for this machine but also for almost all the types of mechanical machines, it is easy to destroy its working if they have to stop for a long time. Here are more details.


  • The power parts are dry and lack of lubricant
  • Dust gets into the power parts (especially rotate parts)
  • It becomes difficult to turn on and off the machine


Therefore, to avoid this situation, you should remember to use the machine regularly. Do not leave it for a long time. Of course, remember to take care of the machine well.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are a lot troubles when operating such a simple machine if you are not careful. However, don’t worry! After this article, you will know these common mistakes and you can avoid them by paying more attention to its operation.

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