The Best Chainsaw Of Homeowners You Should Consider

It takes for granted that a chainsaw machine is considered to be the most efficient and versatile tool ever created. It is used by average homeowners as well as professionals, which can make the yard work become easier.  Through the past years, the best chainsaw have significantly evolved. Currently on the market, there are a lot of small chainsaws designed to cater the demands of the users and for those who does prefer the noisy intimidating machines.

To make the process of chainsaw purchase become simple for those who are finding out to buy one, in this article, the author will unbiased, complied, and informative reviews on the best machine.

  • Remington RM1425 Limb N Electric Chainsaw

With 8-Amp electric motors and less than lbs, this small machine is considered to be a gem. It is quite simple to handle powerful enough to effectively solve a lot of small tasks that the users require a chainsaw the yard surrounding. It also has the low-kickback 14’’ Chain and Bar, which is a suitable external chain to maintain the chain and bar smoothly gliding.

Moreover, it is easy and simple to maintain, which makes the chainsaw become perfect for those who want to get yard or lawn work done without some hassles.


This chainsaw machine is quite affordable item, it can cut through the trees and limbs without any hassle at all. Even, it is light in weight and very small so that anyone can use it at ease. This is also the little chainsaw for elderly people, petite people, and those who do not have strong physical who may highly appreciate. One thing worth mentioning is that this machine is relatively cheap.

As a Remington machine, you are rest assured that this machine is well-built item to exist for a long time if being used basing on the recommendations of the manufactures. If the users abuse it by taking it heavy tasks as well as wrong code size to link to power source, it will absolutely give out early as your expectations.


Despite powerful and well-built, this small machine may not suitable for those who have intension of cut the larger limbs and trees. It is created for smaller chainsaw with light tasks around the yard. As a corded electric chainsaw machine, this item is tethered to be power source, thereby it is not simple at all. It will not be highly appreciated if you want to cut the large limbs and trees which is far from the power source.

  • Makita UC3551A Electric Chainsaw Machine

This machine is an updated version of Makita UC3530A. Similarly to its predecessor, it is small, which owns a greatly easy to use and gets the great cutting power capacity. In addition, it has an automatic chain brake which may stop the blink of the eye. Unlike some model before, this version is filtered with oil pump and improved tool-less chain adjuster to become rebranded like a new item under the outlook. Also, it is easy and simple to maintain and use.


As an updated version of former Makita model, this chainsaw machine is nearly great. It cannot be denied the manufactures has improved this product over the last several years, thereby you may be rest assured that this product is ever tried and tested by other users of chainsaw and of course, they all have good reviews and feedbacks of this product.

This machine is said to be perfect for all homeowners. As a result, you will be comfortable when using by your hands with grip handles.

With the 14’’ chain and bar length as well as 15Amp power capacity, this chainsaw can be easily compete with the gas chainsaw machine even with the same price.


Apart from the good points, this machine may have some downsides. This chainsaw machine is in need of extension cord to reach the peak power in case of limited use. Another disadvantage of this model is that it does not match the anti-vibration handles, so you may not like this model if you do not invest in the anti-vibration gloves but you should also know that the anti-vibration is quite important at all.

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