Things To Consider When Using Belt Sanding Machines

It is believed that the belt sanding machines are increasingly popular devices and applications in many different industries such as manufacturing, engineering, repair, furniture. In order to avoid accidents and unfortunate incidents that may occur during working with the machine, it should be noted the following tips to get the highest productivity when using the best belt sander machine, especially for the beginners.

  • For Operators

When using a belt sanding machine, the operator should wear protective clothing suitable for each type of job. An important note is not leave clothes, towels, hair be entangled in the moving parts of the machine as it will make the operator pulled toward the machine tool and can lead to accidents or injuries .

In the process of manipulating the machine, you should always wear suitable protective glasses to avoid the things dirt, excess detail shot in the eye. Besides, wear appropriate ear protection to avoid injury to the ear when audio equipment major cause. The Operators should use appropriate protective gloves and avoid working with uncomfortable posture.


+ Do not operate the belt sanding machine when you are tired.

+ Do not touch any moving parts of the machine when the machine is operating.

+ Use protective gloves when using sanding machines

  • Safe work area

The Work area must be kept clean, not to mess around objects as it will cause an accident. Avoid working in the rain and for sanding machines flooded in places, damp likely damage.

Also, do not work near areas where having flammable liquids or flammable environments because it can affect people and equipment. Children and no liability shall be separated from the work area to avoid accidents or injuries.

  • Before the operation

Before use, check whether the screws have been tightened position certainly or not, check the details there is protection in place or not, other details have not been any problems and the machine is running normally or not.

Check the machine’s moving parts whether they have been properly adjusted and securely fastened position or not. In addition, you should check any abnormality related to protection details and other details.

Do not use the machine if the machine is not turned on or off by using the cutting tool tac. Tools improperly installed can certainly be flying out while operating, which can cause damage to the unit or personal injury to the operator. You need to use the machine in accordance with specifications and applications to ensure safety during operation.

  • Preservation

+ When not in use, be preserved in a dry place and away from children’s reach.

+ Do not touch the start switch while the machine is being moved.

+Turn off and unplug the power supply startup. Do not leave the area before the machine stops working completely.

  • Maintenance and repair

+ Check cutting tools and accessories.

+ Always check the grinding wheel, sharpening the nose and the details of a vehicle in good condition or not before installing it on your machine.

+ Check the detailed breakdown.

+ If you notice problems related to spare parts and accessories of the machine, please check carefully the details malfunctioning to determine the extent of affecting the functions of the machine. Determine whether the details can still be used normally or not.

+ No removable labels from the machine.

  • Notes when selecting belt sanding machines

Currently on the market, all kinds of belt sanding machines can be powered by electricity, batteries or compressed air. If you use a power running by electricity, you can save more and convenient when moving between job sites or between the indoor rooms of your home.

Sanding machines with slightly square does not fatigue when used long-sleeved, lightweight and easy to operate machine, the weight ratio also makes optimum efficiency, reduce hand-shake VAM-slip rubber, bearings against dust and many advantages. Also, the sanding machines powered by compressed air can give high capacity and faster speed of work.  Some types of compressors are very large and difficult to make the movement. There are a plethora of surfaces ranging smooth to rough, basing on the kind of work you select to perform the suitable belt sanding machine.

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